1. Touch me.

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    Hold the fucking phone, did anyone in the blogosphere know that Josh Groban dated January Jones for three years in the early 00s? How in god’s name was I not made aware of this?!
    Could you imagine the likes of them together? The dude’s comedic range and natural charisma is limitless and it mostly seems like Jones is constantly stuck in sower-puss mode like Posh Spice before they told her it was OK to smile.

    I’m just like woah right now. NOT “like wow” like the song by Leslie Carter.

  3. How does one get in on this action? Non mais vraiment.

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  4. I get super turned on when Ari screams Lloyd that whenever someone’s name is Lloyd I automatically feel my ovaries vibrate.


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  5. Honestly, at this point it’s just unreal and I swear if I had a captor look like this I wouldn’t even mind the lack of air, food, light, and putrid clothing that goes along with it.
    Shackle me, see if I care though.

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  6. chelmsleywood:

    I love how he’s not even trying here

    Like he can kinda pull it together when Victor is around but otherwise

    He is so into Agnes one day he’s just gonna walk into a glass door or crash into some fashion mannequins

  7. Livin’ dat pop life.

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  8. Grégory Fitoussi is basically one of the most beautiful things to come out of my country besides Hermès bags and Champagne flutes, the end.

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  9. I really wish sometimes that I could just tipsily go through the next difficult and unstable parts of my life and wake up sober to find myself with a career I love, a man by my side, and the dopest friends around.

  10. Don’t think twice it’s alright to eat everything in sight at 🐰🐰 #easter #food #ohheyjesus #bobdylan


  11. Eating my Feelings is the only diet I know

    Wait, you’re actually making me listen to Christina Perri? Is this some sick joke? I promised myself I wouldn’t open the fridge more than three times tonight.


  13. I won’t tell you what to do. This is a decision you need to make on your own. And the great thing is, whatever you choose, it will be the right decision if you’re true to yourself.


  14. "the area dividing the brain and the soul
    is affected in many ways by
    experience –
    some lose all mind and become soul:
    some lose all soul and become mind:
    some lose both and become:
    — Charles Bukowski (via gabbigolightly)

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  15. We all know this weight too well. No, not the one on your back or the one pressing down on your knees. This one is invisible. It is felt on the inside and holds on to your ribs so tightly they may suffocate. It has reared its phantom head so many times you’ve lost count, if you ever did.

    It’s heavy and claustrophobic. It reaches down to the pits of your stomach and stays there, an oppressive force destabilizing your whole being. It’s the uninvited guest that unsettles the balance of the evening and stays long after everyone else has gone. But it’s also the unexpected guest. The one that serves revelations and confrontations between two sips of red. You didn’t plan for them to be there but now you couldn’t imagine the contrary. Now, as the chatters and clinks of the night are dying down with the last flickers of the flames, their presence is the only thing that matters.

    But you’ll always remember that weight. Because despite it’s lack of formal invitation, it consumed you anyways. And in the end of it all, that tight grasp, no matter how uncomfortable and unsettling, brings you closer to yourself.